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1step.email is a free temporary email service.

Its main use is to give you an email with which to register for some online service without using one of your main emails.

You can register your @1step.email for free, just choose the "name" and press "Register".
If the chosen name is already in use, you will be notified, otherwise it will be created with a random password that will be communicated to you in the creation message.

From that moment you have 10 minutes to receive any emails, after which the mailbox will be disabled.

In any case, you are not allowed to send emails, either to prevent the service from being used for spamming or because that is not its purpose.

If you like this service, you can

In the near future, it will be possible to extend the validity of the box or make it definitive and enabled for sending. It also depends on the donations we receive...